Platform 3

Camping available in pickering for the 1940's wartime weekend at Platform 3. Motor home site and trade stands.

New car park / trading area

Platform 3 and the


Railway at War


Pickering Wartime





2017 bigger and better

This year 2020 the event has been cancelled.  We hope to see everyone back in 2021.  Please all stay safe.  

However.  Those who still wish to come in 2020 the car park will be open each day.  Motor homes are welcome to stay overnight during this period.  The cost will be £25 per night.  Approx half of those who booked for this year are still going to come.

The whole of Pickering is decorated and themed towards the second World War. The railway is the main attraction for this, and there are many vintage vehicles. There are dances, parties and theatre.  Approx 90% of the visitors will be dressed in period costume.

Here at the Platform 3, (site of the old Pickering Trout Lake), the car parks are turned into a large market with 1940's stalls.  The lake has been filled in, with a large trading/motor home parking area.  

Cancellation policy.

Motor homes.  All booking will be carried forward to next year.  Or please call for a refund I will need your name and the number of the original card it was paid for with.  If you paid cash then your vehicle reg number.

Traders, the same applies.



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